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by Josh Kliot


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Press:, April 8 2020: Airtm: A Global P2P Financial Network that Empowers Users with Low-Cost Currency Trades and Transfers

Bitcoin Magazine, June 6 2019: Paxful and Airtm partner to increase Bitcoin adoption in America

NPR, April 21 2019: New campaign would allow cryptocurrency donations to be distributed to Venezuelans

Miami Herald, April 19 2019: A new humanitarian aid experiment is headed to Venezuela. It’s virtual

Coindesk, March 1 2019: Bolivars to Bitcoin: Activists take down Venezuela’s Maduro in crypto art exhibit

Forbes, February 25 2019: Bitcoins and Bolivars: Two hot potatoes

Forbes, January 14 2019: Could a cryptocurrency service help save Venezuela?

Techcrunch, August 29 2018: Airtm raises $7 million to fight hyperinflation

PC Mag, August 9 2018: In Venezuela, Crptocurrency is an oppressor and a lifeline

NPR Planet Money, August 3 2018: Venezuela’s fugitive money traders

Coindesk, April 9 2018: The Anti-Petro? Zcash throws Venezuelans a lifeline

Bloomberg, April 4 2018: Venezuela’s currency is doing worse than previously thought

PYMNTS, May 4 2018: Letting the Air(tm) out of Venezuelan hyperinflation

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